Wharton’s viral stint, bad or not, is a pretty darn good analogy for Cal’s first game, and quite frankly the rest of its 2018 season. Cal knows it’s going to take some hard, Pac 12 powerhouse hits this season. The Bears, while certainly headed in the right direction, are not a part of the big dawgs yet..

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5. Bernie Sanders: Perhaps no pick generated as much controversy last month as placing Vermont’s junior senator at number five. Some wanted him higher because he retains high favorable ratings nationally and came in second to Hillary Clinton in 2016.

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“I can say this, that football is a game of effort and toughness and knowing what to do,” Dantonio said on Tuesday morning ahead of Saturday’s game against Western Michigan in East Lansing. “Half of our team figured that out, half of it didn’t. We will make sure that other half gets figured out this week.

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